Read between the lines

Duvet Cover Set


  • Description

    The Read between the lines duvet cover set is a perfect reminder in the morning we have to read between the lines and remember that happiness hides in the everyday joys. We have to uncover the different layers of life and open up our mind for what’s new. The watercolor illustration on the front cover of the playful, non-even lines on the white background give your bedroom a minimalistic touch. The back of the cover and the pillowcases are plain white, which gives you a fresh feel at all times. Details: 100% cotton Colour: white with black stripes

  • Sizing

    Single: 140×220 cm, including 1 pillowcase of 60 x 70 cm
    Double: 200×200/220 cm, including 2 pillow cases of 60 x 70 cm
    Lit Jumeux: 240×220 cm, including 2 pillow cases of 60 x 70 cm

  • Washing

    60 degrees max, don't leave the bedding wet in the washing machine for too long. Can be dried in the dryer as well. The cotton of this duvet cover set is woven by a special technique which gives Crisp Sheets it’s unique feature: crispy cotton that feels soft and keeps a ‘fresh made bed’ feel at all times.

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